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Another new gutter vacuum machine on the road!

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning has just put another vehicle on the road, this makes three now. We have hired another ex roof tiler, meaning that we have four guys now.

Ozwide are able to clean the gutters on all types of properties, including domestic houses, shops and factories.

Gutter cleaning in Melbourne’s parks.

We were lucky enough to be chosen to clean some of the residences, depot’s, rotunda’s and public toilets throughout Melbourne’s parklands.
The views throughout the job were fantastic, as was Melbourne’s fantastic winter weather.

Gutter cleaning using a travel tower.

We had to hire in a 28 metre travel tower to complete this job. It is a heritage listed property in Carlton. Melbourne Travel Towers were great, they put our guys into the right spots, making the job easy. We used our powerful vacuum truck with 60 metres of hose so we could reach […]

Solar Panel Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Melbourne use filtered water to clean the solar panels properly. The filter removes all of the dissolved solid particles, leaving a spot free finish.

Dirty solar panels do not generate power as effectively as clean ones. Dirt can build up from trees, birds, traffic, pollution and dust.

Call Gutter Vacuuming Melbourne to arrange a yearly cleaning […]

Gutter Cleaning – a view from a drone.

See a short 40 second video of our gutter cleaning in action. The images have been shot by a drone.

Click here; to see the short video on Youtube.

Our guys use a harness and lifeline to work safely at heights.
We use the gutter vacuuming to clean the gutters out, then we go around with the blower […]

Solar panel cleaning – Bird problems.

Solar panels are great for your home, but unfortunately they provide a great home for birds such as pigeons. We find nests, eggs, dead birds and of course loads of bird droppings under the solar panels and in the gutters.

To solve the problem, first we clean around the solar panels and underneath as good […]

Extreme Gutter Protection!

We often come across gutter guard in the Roof Gutter Cleaning, which makes our job so much harder, but this is taking it to the extreme. It was hard to get near the gutter with our vacuum hose, let alone risk tearing it to pieces on the razor ribbon, so we used the blower […]

Safety & Qualifications!

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning Melbourne is not a lawn mowing company or a rubbish removal company! We are 100% Gutter Cleaning.

It is frustrating sometimes, when we are quoting against other companies that are not insured, not trained or try to clean the gutters by hand!

Our guys are roof tilers and have years of experience.
We are insured […]

Double Story Houses.

Gutters Cleaning Berwick on double story houses is thankfully, something most people don’t do for themselves these days.

Those double story gutters may be out of mind and therefore out of sight. However, they could be getting blocked due to birds nesting, or leaves and dust.Gutters Blockages can cause flooding, so it is better to […]

Extension vacuum pole!

Most of the time, we are able to access the roof and Gutter Vacuuming Melbourne from above. We use the harness and lifeline to keep our guys safe.

However, on some occasions Gutter Clean Melbourne use an extension vacuum pole. This pole has a camera on one end, and a monitor at the bottom. We […]