Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters & downpipes cause flooding!

These gutters were completely blocked, as were the downpipes. Heavy rain can find its way back into the roof which can cause flooding. These gutters had huge plants and grass growing out of them, along with nuts and berries falling from the trees. Our trailer mounted gutter vacuuming was on the “Caveman diet” at this […]

Leaking ceilings can often be attributed to blocked gutters

Leaking ceilings can often be attributed to blocked gutters. The gutter can fill up and the water can cascade over the front or over the back of the gutter and into the leaves. The water can then make its way into the ceiling and fall down a light fitting or vent.

Further damage can occur […]

Gutter Guard.

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning Melbourne recommending that customer install a small 300mm section of gutter guard over all down pipes. These can be installed for $15 each and will help stop the downpipes from blocking up.

Gutter Muck

Here is where all of the mess ends up, in a drum in our trailer. It is pretty messy stuff, however wet or dry it is, our gutter vacuuming Melbourne can take it away.
The previous customer in Box Hill had some broken tiles, which we replaced and took the old ones away.

*If you would […]