Gutter Cleaning Jobs

Gutter Cleaning – a view from a drone.

See a short 40 second video of our gutter cleaning in action. The images have been shot by a drone.

Click here; to see the short video on Youtube.

Our guys use a harness and lifeline to work safely at heights.
We use the gutter vacuuming to clean the gutters out, then we go around with the blower […]

Solar panel cleaning – Bird problems.

Solar panels are great for your home, but unfortunately they provide a great home for birds such as pigeons. We find nests, eggs, dead birds and of course loads of bird droppings under the solar panels and in the gutters.

To solve the problem, first we clean around the solar panels and underneath as good […]

Extreme Gutter Protection!

We often come across gutter guard in the Roof Gutter Cleaning, which makes our job so much harder, but this is taking it to the extreme. It was hard to get near the gutter with our vacuum hose, let alone risk tearing it to pieces on the razor ribbon, so we used the blower […]

Pigeons & Gutters Don’t Mix

Birds can cause all sorts of problems on the roof and in the gutters. Blockages can occur from the nesting and the bird droppings.

Using a gutter vacuuming melbourne to remove the waste, will ensure that the water in the gutters can flow properly again, and all of the waste goes directly into the drum in […]

Goodbye Gutter Guard!

Gutter Guard sounds fine in theory, but in practice it doesn’t always work out! Here is another load of gutter guard that we pulled off of a roof. The dirt and dust still gets into the gutters. Leaves can sit on the gutter guard, break down and fall into the gutters. When that is […]

Missing Tiles

Often we are called out to clean gutters due to a leaking ceiling. In around 90% of the jobs, cleaning the gutters stops the leaking and allows the water to flow properly.

Sometimes however we find quite obvious answers to why the roof is leaking. We are able to repair damaged tiles or mortar & […]

Solar Panels

Birds can nest above the solar panels. These nests need to be removed and cleaned out, to ensure that the solar panels stay clean.

This house in Keilor is now free of bird nests. Once the nests are gone, Ozwide Gutter Cleaning Berwick have a number of products that can help to stop the birds coming […]