If you have a double storey or split level home, it is even more important to call a professional company to clean your gutters.

Multi Level Gutter Cleaning

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning specialises in multi level gutter cleaning / double storey gutter cleaning. Our staff are trained and equipped to work on any roof. We have a Work Cover license to work in areas of high risk and we have had considerable training over the past 20 years in the use of safety harnesses, lifelines, ropes & tackles. In extreme cases, we are also able to operate elevated work platforms such as cherry pickers and travel towers.

When you have a two storey home it is very difficult to access the guttering by yourself, but it is very important to keep it free of leaves and debris that can blow in or drop from high trees. Let Ozwide do the job safely!

Melbourne is always susceptible to heavy rain and flooding so it is best to call as soon as you suspect that your gutters may be blocked. In fact, it is wise to schedule regular cleaning so that your gutters never get blocked up. With regular cleaning, gutters last a lot longer and your home will be safer. Dry leaves in the gutter pose a fire risk during bushfire season, while wet leaves cause the guttering to rust.

We can give you a quote over the phone or schedule a visit to tackle the job of double storey gutter cleaning.  It is not wise to climb up onto a double storey roof as the risk of fatal injury is higher – besides, few householders have an extension ladder long enough. We have all the tools and equipment needed to handle the difficult task of multi level gutter.

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Gutter Cleaners

Solar Panel Cleaning and Bird Proofing

Solar Panels can become dirty, then power output & efficiency is reduced. Dirt can build up in many ways, including from dust, bird droppings, traffic & trees. Ozwide can clean the solar panels using filtered water (without the use of detergents or soaps).

Bird Proofing

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Vacuum gutter cleaning is the best way to clean those gutters around your home as it cleans them properly and allows the water to flow. Call Ozwide Gutter Cleaning if you want to have all the leaves sucked out of your gutters.

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Guard

We don’t recommend gutter guard normally, as we tend to remove a lot of it during the course of our work. We do however recommend the hedgehog type to be installed over the down pipes.