Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning – a view from a drone.

See a short 40 second video of our gutter cleaning in action. The images have been shot by a drone.

Click here; to see the short video on Youtube.

Our guys use a harness and lifeline to work safely at heights.
We use the gutter vacuuming to clean the gutters out, then we go around with the blower […]

Solar panel cleaning – Bird problems.

Solar panels are great for your home, but unfortunately they provide a great home for birds such as pigeons. We find nests, eggs, dead birds and of course loads of bird droppings under the solar panels and in the gutters.

To solve the problem, first we clean around the solar panels and underneath as good […]

Extreme Gutter Protection!

We often come across gutter guard in the Roof Gutter Cleaning, which makes our job so much harder, but this is taking it to the extreme. It was hard to get near the gutter with our vacuum hose, let alone risk tearing it to pieces on the razor ribbon, so we used the blower […]

The gutter cleaning process.

Please watch this short 45 second clip, that shows how we clean the gutters. First we suck out all of the muck from the gutters, using our gutter vacuuming Melbourne. Then we clean out the down pipes to the first bend, using our special too. We then use the blower to sweep up the […]

Tree Trimming

Overgrown trees cause a lot of damage to roofs and gutters.

Aside from making it very difficult to clean the gutters, the over grown branches can damage the roof by rubbing against it.

Ozwide Gutters Cleaning Berwick are able to arrange for the branches to be trimmed back, away from the property.

It is very important that the […]

Views around Melbourne

Working on roof gutter cleaning around Melbourne means that we get some of the best views. Here are a couple of pics. We also get a few challenging jobs, like these couple of tricky roofs.

Solar panels need cleaning!

SOLAR PANELS: are great for lowering your power costs, but they do need some maintaining. We are finding more and more problems of birds nesting under the solar panels.
We are able to clean the gutters directly under the solar, and if need be, we can install some mesh around the bottom of the panels […]

Pergola gutters (please leave a gap!)

Our guys have had their share of tough gutters to clean lately, including a heap of pergola gutters! What are builders thinking when they lay the roofing sheets right over the gutter and block the gutter off?

The gutters still fill with dust/dirt and broken down leaves. This, mixed with water and bird droppings can […]

Melbourne’s heavy summer rain is coming!

Remember those heavy Melbourne thunderstorms over the past couple of years, in particular the one on Xmas day in 2011? Those heavy rains caused millions of dollars of damage to houses due to flooding. Some insurance companies have insisted that customers maintain regular gutter cleaning, in order to prevent future flooding.

When the gutters are […]

Pigeons & Gutters Don’t Mix

Birds can cause all sorts of problems on the roof and in the gutters. Blockages can occur from the nesting and the bird droppings.

Using a gutter vacuuming melbourne to remove the waste, will ensure that the water in the gutters can flow properly again, and all of the waste goes directly into the drum in […]