Our guys have had their share of tough gutters to clean lately, including a heap of pergola gutters! What are builders thinking when they lay the roofing sheets right over the gutter and block the gutter off?

The gutters still fill with dust/dirt and broken down leaves. This, mixed with water and bird droppings can grow grass and other plants in the gutters.

Cleaning these gutters is pretty tough when we are not able to get the tools in there.
Thankfully, we have some narrow tools, down to about 25mm wide, that can get in there and gutter vacuuming the mess out.

Without cleaning these gutters, water can fill up on the roof or in the gutter and cascade back over the eaves and into the ceiling.

In fire prone areas, a valley like this full of leaves can be quite dangerous.

*It is very important to remember that the gutters may have been engineered to cope with the roof space and gutters from the house. When the extra roof space is added to the pergola, then the gutters may not be able to cope with that extra water. This makes it especially important to keep those gutters and down pipes clean and flowing.

Remember to get the gutters cleaned melbourne out all around the house and including the pergola and carports.