The use of gutter guard is a contentious subject, especially amongst gutter cleaning companies. We have seen hundreds of gutters with gutter guard, where the gutters are full of dirt and decomposed leaves. The gutters are blocked and the gutter guard has to be removed to clean them. This costs the home owner hundreds of extra dollars and often the gutter guard is thrown away as a result.

The type of gutter guard that we use, we call it the "hedgehog".

The type of gutter guard that we use, we call it the “hedgehog”.

Down Pipes: We do recommend a type of gutter guard over the down pipes, this stops them from getting blocked and causing problems. Our preferred gutter guard is the “hedgehog” type. These can be installed in sizes from 300mm to one metre. This is quite cost effective and this gutter guard can be easily removed during cleaning.

Removable gutter guard: We recommend the “hedgehog” type, removable gutter guard. This comes in one metre sections and is easily removed for gutter cleaning. It stops the leaves from filling the gutters and allows the water to flow underneath.

*Remember! If you have gutter guard screwed or riveted to your gutters, then cleaning them will be costly. Dirt and dust will still find its way into the gutters and leaves sitting on the gutter guard can break down and fall into the gutters. That dirt, mixed with water and bird droppings can still allow plants and grass to grow in the gutters. Removing that mess is so much harder and far more costly when gutter guard is installed.

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