Solar panels are great, but they are not “set and forget!”
The panels become dirty, then their power output and efficiency is reduced, sometimes up up to 25%.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirt can build up in many ways, from dust, bird droppings traffic & trees.
Some areas are more prone to others, including areas near the sea, near major roads, airports or industrial areas, or when there have been fires nearby.

Ozwide can clean the solar panels using filtered water (without the use of detergents or soaps).

Our guys are trained, licensed, insured and equipped to be working safely on all types of roofs.

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What is Bird Proofing?

Pigeons love to nest under the solar panels, especially on double story houses. This very quickly becomes messy with birds, droppings, nests, eggs and dead birds etc. We can clean out under the solar panels with our vacuum and blower. We can then install a bird proof mesh around the solar panels to prevent the birds from nesting under there. In most cases, the birds move on to a different house, as they feel at risk being out in the open. Some times, we need to install plastic spikes or other bird deterrents on top of the panels to move the birds away.

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OzWide Gutters Provides Professional Solar Panel cleaning & bird proofing for Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs

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Gutter Guard

We don’t recommend gutter guard normally, as we tend to remove a lot of it during the course of our work. We do however recommend the hedgehog type to be installed over the down pipes.

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Vacuum gutter cleaning is the best way to clean those gutters around your home as it cleans them properly and allows the water to flow. Call Ozwide Gutter Cleaning if you want to have all the leaves sucked out of your gutters.

Multi Level Gutter Cleaning

Double storey roofs are no problems. Our guys are trained, licensed and equipped to work safely on any roof. Ozwide Gutter Cleaning specialises in multi level gutter cleaning/double storey gutter cleaning so give us a call now.