Making sure you have your gutters cleaned plays an important part in keeping your home in good condition as they take the run-off from the roof and ensure that it does not flood your ceiling or seep in behind the walls. Gutter cleaning is not an easy task; gutters are usually very high and cannot be reached without a ladder. There are few good gutter cleaning tools available, but Ozwide Gutter Cleaning have powerful vacuums on their trucks that can suck out the thickest mud, plants, broken tiles, water and debris.

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning specialise in professional vacuum gutter cleaning, to keep your gutters clean and flowing.

Gutters that are never cleaned out end up rusting due to damp leaves & dirt sitting in them. On the other hand, dry leaves present a serious fire hazard.
Regular professional gutter cleaning ensures gutters are well-maintained and will last a long time. Ozwide’s Melbourne Gutter Cleaning services are well equipped for this difficult job. In fact, we make it look easy with our truck mounted vacuum system that is ready to tackle the most difficult gutters.

Our professional team knows that gutters are an important part of a home as they catch the rainwater and channel it away from the walls. Blocked gutters can allow the water to cascade over the front of the gutters, or worse still, it can flow back over the eaves and into the house. Many leaking roofs are caused by blocked gutters and downpipes. Leaves are not the only things that can block up guttering; sludge from the dirt and dust that accumulates on every roof is washed into the gutter and can stay there if the rain is not heavy enough to carry it out. Mixed with leaves this makes an ideal media for seeds left by birds to germinate. Of course these plants may not continue to grow, but when they die they leave behind even more plant material in your gutters.

People relying on rain water tanks for drinking water know that the gutters must remain clean. We can provide a regular service to keep those gutters (and your drinking water) clean. We can also provide rain water tank cleaning, to get rid of the built up dirt in the bottom of the tank.

We will come to your property and remove all the debris out of your guttering whether it is wet or dry.

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Vaccum Gutter Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean those gutters around your home as it cleans them properly, allowing the water to flow. Call Ozwide Gutter Cleaning if you want to have all the leaves sucked out of your gutters.

Multi Level Gutter Cleaning

Double storey roofs are no problems. Our guys are trained, licensed and equipped to work safely on any roof. Ozwide Gutter Cleaning specialises in multi level gutter cleaning/double storey gutter cleaning, so give us a call now.

Gutter Guard

We don’t recommend gutter guard normally, as we tend to remove a lot of it during the course of our work. We do however recommend the hedgehog type to be installed over the down pipes.