Vacuum gutter cleaning is the best way to clean the gutters around your home, as it cleans them properly and allows them to flow effectively.


Call Ozwide Gutter Cleaning to have the leaves, debris, and muck sucked out of your gutters and taken away. Even on double storey roofs, we don’t just throw the leaves over the side to splatter on your wall and lawn; we suck them up with our strong wet and dry vacuum cleaner, taking the muck into a drum in our vehicle.

Our Gutter Cleaning specialists don’t leave a mess once we’re done & you don’t even need to dispose of the rubbish yourself.

Cleaning gutters is one of the most difficult household jobs to do, as they are awkward to access from the ground – and proper safety measures need to be taken. Call Ozwide Gutter Cleaning to get quote for our gutter cleaning prices.

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Solar Panel Gutter Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning and Bird Proofing

Solar Panels can become dirty, then power output & efficiency is reduced. Dirt can build up in many ways, including from dust, bird droppings, traffic & trees. Ozwide can clean the solar panels using filtered water (without the use of detergents or soaps).

Multi Level Gutter Cleaning

Multi Level Gutter Cleaning

Double storey roofs are no problems. Our guys are trained, licensed and equipped to work safely on any roof. Ozwide Gutter Cleaning specialises in multi level gutter cleaning/double storey gutter cleaning so give us a call now to get quote of our gutter cleaning prices.

Roofgutter 350

Gutter Guard

We don’t recommend gutter guard normally, as we tend to remove a lot of it during the course of our work. We do however recommend the hedgehog type to be installed over the down pipes.