Overgrown trees cause a lot of damage to roofs and gutters.

Aside from making it very difficult to clean the gutters, the over grown branches can damage the roof by rubbing against it.

Ozwide Gutters Cleaning Berwick are able to arrange for the branches to be trimmed back, away from the property.

It is very important that the branches are trimmed properly, by someone that is qualified and knows how to prune properly.

When a branch is trimmed, the final cut has to be in a very specific spot. This prevents the tree from sending out new shoots, which could grow and cause more problems. It is also important to maintain the trees root/shoot ratio and mass/energy ratio, in order to keep the tree safe.

Correct pruning techniques prevent decay in the trunk, keeping the tree healthy and safe.

Tree pruning is an ongoing part of a household maintenance program. Ozwide Gutter Vacuuming can arrange qualified tree contractors to trim problem trees away from the house and gutter.