Houses with flat roofs need to ensure that the gutters (& roofs) are kept clean. These flat roofs are more prone to flooding, as the water is not able to dissipate as quickly as pitched roofs.
Prior to cleaning the gutters, we sweep roof clean using a rake or blower. This prevents the mess from quickly blocking the gutters again and also helps prevent damage to the roof. Built up mess on the flat roof, under solar heating or around air conditioners can lead to rusting on the roof. It is important that this mess is cleaned away regularly to all

Roof Solar Cleaning

Solar panels collect mess on flat roofs

Flat roofs often have rain heads attached to the gutters. We clean out the rain heads and the gutters in order to prevent flooding.
If your house has a flat roof, take a quick look to see if it needs to be cleaned. Don’t get flooded from the heavy rains we experience this type of year. Call Ozwide Roof Gutter Cleaning if you would like us to give them the once a year clean.