Working with the Best in the Business to Provide Our Customers with the Best Results

At OzWide Gutter Cleaning, we are always trying to align ourselves with some of the best in the business. Namely, other Australian companies that are just as dedicated as we are to giving customers homes they can be proud of.
If there’s a service we can’t provide, the OzWide team would be happy to recommend other businesses to do a job we know will meet our own high quality standards.

Bax Windows and Alcoil Guttering professionals are two Australian companies who are just as passionate about high standards of home maintenance. If ever you are in need of window cleaning or guttering services for your home, we would happily recommend them as trusted providers of these services.


Bax Windows 
Bax Windows is a Melbourne-based business offering high quality window cleaning for both residential and commercial buildings. Bax also offer scratch removal, in case your windows need a little extra TLC.
Operating seven days a week, Bax Windows will always strive to achieve the best results at a time that suits you.


The team at Bax is small, friendly and highly experienced. All staff members are highly-trained and fully-insured for window cleaning you can have confidence in.Throughout our work together, we’ve found that Bax are extremely considerate of their customers’ time: they will keep an appointment and complete any job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. For these reasons, OzWide recommends them to anyone looking for safe, affordable window cleaning in Melbourne.


Alcoil Guttering alcoil logo
Alcoil Guttering is an example of a small business that’s made a big impact. Frankly, it’s a bit of a Dream Team for anyone interested in guttering. With one of the largest ranges of roof gutters and guttering supplies in the country, Alcoil represents a rare combination of family-business-style service with the huge range of choice that comes with big business. With Melbourne’s habit of chucking four seasons into one day, you need expertise when it comes to guttering.

alcoilquad gutter


Alcoil have been specialising in all types of gutters for over two decades, meaning a roof system you can rely on. Better products mean better results. Backed by a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, Alcoil are more confident in their gutters than anyone. We’re also pretty confident in their superior quality, which is why OzWide would recommend Alcoil to anyone looking for a gutter upgrade.

The Importance of Affiliation
OzWide Gutter Vacuuming believes that by forming good relations with similar trade professionals, we give our customers the best chance of achieving quality results for their home. We are not just passionate about gutter cleaning. We are passionate about giving you a better looking home. If you are looking for a more complete home solution which includes services our team cannot provide, we would happily recommend Bax and Alcoil for the best results.