Autumn is coming and while the weather is still nice out you can still have fun in the sun. There is one thing you should be doing though before winter comes and that is to have your roof and gutters looked at.

The trees surrounding your property are probably looking a little more sparse, and it won’t take long for your gutters to fill with discarded leaves. And while Melbourne winters may be free from snow they do bring rain and if your gutters aren’t ready you could be in for a bit of a problem with water runoff staining your walls, creating water leaks within your home or rust forming due to the damp leaves and dirt left sitting in your gutters. It’s a lot cheaper to get your gutter cleaning professionally then it is to replace your gutters!

Why take the risk when you can phone us at OzWide Gutter Cleaning Melbourne. We service all areas of Melbourne, Geelong and Mornington Peninsula, and our vacuum gutter cleaning service will remove all wet and dry debris from your gutters leaving them clean, clear and ready for winter. While we are there you can discuss whether installing Gutter Guard will help to keep your gutters free from leaves while maintaining water flow.

Get in contact to arrange a no obligation free quote – and relax knowing that your home is ready for winter.