News Update

Working safely on roofs

Gutters Cleaning Melbourne use the prussic line or a descender to move safely around the roof on a lifeline. The pole belt provides the opportunity to secure with a second point of attachment. It is a system that we have adapted from around 20 years of tree climbing experience.
Our guys are trained, equipped and […]

Completely Blocked Gutters? Not Anymore!

Over the past month, we have found quite a few gutters that were completely blocked.

Water flowing off the roof would cascade over the gutters onto the ground below, and worse still, flow back under the tiles and onto the eaves and roof.
This causes roof leaks and mould.

Regular gutter cleaning ensures that the water flows […]

DIY Gutter Cleaning – is it a bad idea?

I was on my way to Box Hill to visit a customer when I saw a man up on a ladder with a rake trying to clean out his own gutters. The ladder was wobbling, he was overreaching with the rake and the leaves were just being thrown on the ground. I don’t know […]

Winter is coming… are your gutters ready?

Autumn is coming and while the weather is still nice out you can still have fun in the sun. There is one thing you should be doing though before winter comes and that is to have your roof and gutters looked at.

The trees surrounding your property are probably looking a little more sparse, and […]

New Software

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning Berwick have just launched our new software, that allows us to quickly send customers a quote, invoice or receipt. We can now accept payment by credit card on the spot.

This program also allows us to re-book a 3, 6 or 12 month service for regular clients.

Receipts and invoices can be e-mailed […]