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Rain heads & Box guttering:

Rain heads & Box gutters:
Box guttering is great for diverting water away from the roof and down the down pipe. However, they need to be cleaned just like any other gutter cleaning. Aside from the normal dirt and leaves, they are prone to nesting and therefore blockages. Many box gutters have rain heads. These […]

Three staff and Two vehicles

We have just set up a new vehicle and vacuum, and employed a new staff member. Chris is a qualified roof tiler and has been with us since the beginning of July. We are able to do small roof and tile repairs now, along with the normal Gutter Vacuuming Melbourne. With two vehicles on […]

Powerful vacuum!

Customers are often sceptical about how powerful our gutter vacuuming Melbourne system is. As this video shows, it can suck up any leaves, mud, rocks or even a 20 litre bucket of water.
No matter how full your gutters are, or even if they have plants growing out of them, we can vac them clean.
First […]

100% dedicated to Gutter Cleaning

Ozwide Gutter Cleaning are 100% dedicated to gutter cleaning.

We are not a lawn mowing business or roof repair business that does a few gutter cleaning jobs here and there!

Our trucks are set up specifically for gutter cleaning.

Our staff are trained and equipped to do gutter cleaning jobs.

Views around Melbourne

Working on roof gutter cleaning around Melbourne means that we get some of the best views. Here are a couple of pics. We also get a few challenging jobs, like these couple of tricky roofs.

Providing the Complete Solution for Your Home

Working with the Best in the Business to Provide Our Customers with the Best Results
At OzWide Gutter Cleaning, we are always trying to align ourselves with some of the best in the business. Namely, other Australian companies that are just as dedicated as we are to giving customers homes they can be proud of.
If […]

Solar panels need cleaning!

SOLAR PANELS: are great for lowering your power costs, but they do need some maintaining. We are finding more and more problems of birds nesting under the solar panels.
We are able to clean the gutters directly under the solar, and if need be, we can install some mesh around the bottom of the panels […]

Flat roofs – It’s important to keep the gutters clean!

Houses with flat roofs need to ensure that the gutters (& roofs) are kept clean. These flat roofs are more prone to flooding, as the water is not able to dissipate as quickly as pitched roofs.
Prior to cleaning the gutters, we sweep roof clean using a rake or blower. This prevents the mess from […]

Working on a metal roof, securing a lifeline to work safely

Ozwide Roof Gutter Cleaning Melbourne use this metal roof bracket much the same as the system on the tiled roofs. It creates an anchor point, which we can secure the pulley. The pulley then acts much like a tree branch for a tree climber. The rope goes through it and back to the climber. The rope […]

Securing to a tiled roof for gutter cleaning

We use an anchor point to run the lifeline through, much like the branch on a tree for tree climbers. The rope connects to the harness on one side and to a prussic line on the other side. This allows the climber to lengthen or shorten the rope as he walks safely around the roof […]